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This is a place to share day to day experiences of our lives after stroke in and around Peterborough. The purpose of Accessibility Avenue is to share from our personal experiences for the benefit of others.

We are especially interested in hearing about positive experiences, but anything at all that may be of interest to other people with accessibility concerns is fair game. Even if accessibility is not all it could be, oftentimes it is better simply to know the facts before one ventures out. Therefore, in the interest of sharing information only, unpleasant or negative experiences will be detailed as well.

Our intent is not to criticize or castigate anyone, but simply to provide information so that others will not arrive somewhere with the expectation of full accessibility when this is not, in fact, the case.

If you have anything at all to share, please let us know about it at a meeting or contact Jim.


Ferris Provincial Park, near Campbellford, now has an all-terrain wheelchair available for rent - making the hiking trails, picnic areas, and outlook points within the Park wheelchair accessible. For more information, or to reserve the chair, phone Ferris Provincial Park at 705-653-3575.



If you happen to be passing through Fenelon Falls at meal time, consider stopping at The Perch. It is right beside the falls, the patio is shaded, and wheelchair accessibility is very good.  Oh, and the food is very good too!  In fact, some people have rated the pizza as "great".



Rose reports that she recently enjoyed a superb meal at Frederick's at Beachwood (within Beachwood Resort - just south of the town of Buckhorn on Lower Buckhorn Lake).  Although the restaurant is  NOT accessible for wheelchairs (being in an older building), the staff was very attentive and went out of their way to ensure that she had the best possible dining experience. They offered to ferry her from the parking lot (up a steep hill) in a golf cart and allowed her to use the staff washroom on the main floor (rather than the public washroom in the basement). Rose highly recommends Frederick's for their excellent food and a staff that goes above and beyond the call of duty!


Showplace Performance Centre in downtown Peterborough (at 290 George St North) is a great place for live music, theatre and just about all forms of performing arts. A little known fact about this venerable theatre is that it has an elevator to enable access to the washrooms from the main floor. The trick is to know that when the doors in the main lobby to the lower seating area are wide open (as they always are during breaks & intermissions), the elevator access is hidden behind one of the doors.


If you are looking for a casual place for breakfast, lunch or dinner with great food, friendly service and excellent accessibility, check out Square Plates Family Restaurant at 836 Armour Road in Peterborough's north end (one block north of Parkhill Road, on the east side). There is a ramp in the back to enter directly from the parking lot, but unfortunately a City ordinance prevents a sign being posted to indicate that this is, in fact, the restaurant's main entrance. Once inside, the engaging Goran Varga is your host, chef, raconteur and typically server & bus boy as well. The food is always superb and reasonably priced. Square Plates is closed on Mondays and since Goran often operates as a one man show, it never hurts to call him at 705-876-8585 to confirm that he is open before you go. Bon appetite!


Sandy, Rose and Bill (Rose's husband) recently spent a pleasant afternoon playing golf at Quarry Golf Club in Ennismore. Rather than playing the main course, they opted for the 6 hole par 3 course and played as many rounds as they liked for the low price of $10. The course was very suitable for those with physical challenges (or casual duffers!) as it featured two holes on each green - a regular sized one and larger one about the size of a baseball cap. Patrons can putt at whichever hole they prefer.  Sandy, Rose & Bill thoroughly enjoyed themselves and didn't even bother to keep score (although Sandy says she's fairly certain she won!)